What’s wrong with pop music? Not enough blast beats.

You may know Stuart Henley-Minchington, or “Stu”, as 1 of 2 guitarists in Blindfolded and Led to the Woods. They are also known as Blindfolded, BALTTW, or “that death metal band from the Erin Simpson show“. That is so never going away.

Stuart Henley-MinchingtonMaybe though you’ve seen or heard of Stu through his other bands such as black metal two-piece Voice of the Black Pharoah, or The Murderous Seth, or My Dad’s A Heart Surgeon.

Not so widely known amongst the metal community is that he regularly barrels his crazy horsepower loving ass down 1/4 mile drag strips across the country, and is evidently quite good at it. He’s a New Zealand drag racing title holder. He is certainly a multi-talented individual.

Stu’s now taken on a new role; that of the comedian. I present to you his exceptional Paramore and Robyn drum covers. Prepare for blastbeats, double kicks, and lightning fast fills.

Stu’s band Blindfolded and Led to the Woods open for Cryptopsy (Can) & Whoretopsy (Aus) at Valhalla on August 31st alongside Farming the Population.


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