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STALKER – Satanic Panic

STALKER is a new Heavy/Speed Metal band from Wellington featuring two ex-members of RAZORWYRE. Satanic Panic is their debut release with just 3 tracks forming a very memorable demo.  David ‘Daif’ King powers through the vocals & bass of each song. It seems he does so with ease despite STALKER executing a dark, fast take on traditional Heavy Metal. stalker-satanic-panic-cover-artHe is joined by Chris Calavrias on guitar (ex Razorwyre), and Nick Oakes on the drums (ex Razorwyre, Numbskull, Entrails, Hung Jury, If I Had A Gun, and others).


The initial release was on tape, and all 100 copies sold out within 24 hours. MP3s can be downloaded from Bandcamp for free (name your price), and other merch will be available in time. According to Chris they have finished the material for their first EP (coming soon), and are currently writing for their 3rd release.

stalker-wellington-speed-metal-band-photoBoth Chris & Nick are well-known for their previous bands. Most notably they were the foundation of RAZORWYRE which was probably Wellington’s most successful Heavy Metal band to-date. RAZORWYRE gained much acclaim both locally and overseas, and featured most prominently in the soon-to-be-cult-classic New Zealand slasher film DEATHGASM. But I digress…

This new band is darker, and less influenced by power metal than RAZORWYRE, and as such STALKER offers an entirely new array of sounds for the listener. What they deliver is more raw, and potentially more pleasing to the veteran followers of Thrash & Speed Metal.

Download Satanic Panic for free, and follow their Facebook page for upcoming gig & merch info.

My personal favourite track: The Mutilator

Track list:

  1. Satanic Panic 04:07
  2. The Mutilator 04:14
  3. Shocked To Death 02:45


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