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WINTER DELUGE – Devoution – Decay out on Frozen Blood Industries

WINTER DELUGE‘s latest offering Devolution – Decay was released by Frozen Blood Industries on November 5th, 2016.

Recorded on the 14th / 15th / 28th of May 2016 at Blackdoor (Grey Lynn, Auckland)

Track listing:winter-deluge-devolution-decay

  1. Der Letzte Atemzug 03:31
  2. The Negation of Existence (The Cotard Syndrome) 04:29
  3. Corrupt Prophets 06:02
  4. Yersinia Pestis 04:45
  5. Tentacles of Time 04:05
  6. …Now you Reap 08:42
  7. Perversion of Common Sense 03:54
  8. Winter Deluge 06:43
  9. The Image that Remains 04:27

Total playing time: 44.78 mins

Engineered & Mixed by Dero
Mastered by V.K.
Artwork by Misanthropic-Art
Concept by Arzryth & Seelenfresser
Logo & Layout by Arzryth

Arzryth – Lead, Rhythm, Bass Guitars
Autumus – Drums
Mort – Rhythm Guitars
Seelenfresser – Vocals

All music written by Winter Deluge 2010 – 2015
All Lyrics by Seelenfresser.
Copyright 2016 © Winter Deluge





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