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METALTOWER – Myopic Dystopia

New Zealand’s eclectic purveyors of progressive death metal, METALTOWER, have risen in their 3rd incarnation with a beast of technical wizardry named Myopic Dystopia.

Two and a half years in the making this monolith of an intricate musical journey has come together through the mixing and mastering skills of Cam Sinclair (ex-DIOCLETIAN), allowing METALTOWER a tighter and clearer sound to match their progression.

Drawing from influences ranging from Deicide to Dream Theatre, Slayer to Symphony X, and Emperor to Pink Floyd; METALTOWER take you on a trip through the darkness of the modern age. Myopic Dystopia discusses the emptiness, despair and frightening imaginings brought about by a crumbling world due to our lack of foresight.

Since the mid-2000s METALTOWER have maintained a strong presence in the New Zealand metal scene. Through psyche-dismantling shows, and mad metal antics alongside kiwi brothers BlackTooth, Amachine, Horrendous Disfigurement, Gunt, Intergracia, Winter Deluge, Destitude, Slave Cadaver and Execrate among countless others. Also having the pleasure of opening for some international acts to grace New Zealand’s shores such as Carcass, Krisiun and Psycroptic.

The release of ‘Myopic Dystopia‘ shows a desire from METALTOWER to return to the fray with a better, more finely tuned album by unleashing a musical concoction of cold complex brutality mixed with offerings of an elaborate progressive nature.

This new vision recently brought METALTOWER to Australian shores alongside NZ metal titans Exordium Mors and Nullifier for a short stab at twisting some minds across the ditch.

Plans are already in the pipeline for a follow-up to Myopic Dystopia with one unreleased song already in the live set, and mindsets toward an EP.

Get “Myopic Dystopia” from metaltower.bandcamp.com – Ordering a physical CD gives instant download access to the full 6 track album as well as a high-resolution PDF copy of the cover art and lyrics booklet.

– Words supplied by band.

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