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ODIUSEMBOWEL – Mephitic Sermon

Odiusembowel - Mephitic Sermon

Mephitic Sermon is an unforgiving onslaught of Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore the likes of which ODIUSEMBOWEL consistently deliver, but with a difference…

Odiusembowel – Mephitic Sermon

Following on from previous releases Vomit Sucking Cunt Lips (2007 EP), Peepshow of Decomposition (2008 Demo) and Odiusembowel (2012 Demo) the latest iteration of the band has produced some of their finest work yet. So achingly heavy, and yet utterly listenable in terms of riffs and precision, this release warrants feelings of awe and excitement upon the 1st and 100th listen.

If you’re thinking ‘ODIUSEMBOWEL aren’t a New Zealand band’ then let me remind you of their beginnings; This band began in Christchurch during 2002, and boasted members of local heroes TORTURER and OFFAL STENCH, and while they left for Melbourne in 2007 they’re still considered a New Zealand band by many. Fast forward to today and they’re unsurpassed in terms of being an expat NZ metal band. They’ve lived in Australia for 10 years, but they deserve inclusion on this website, and honorably so.

Odiusembowel logo by Shane Ivezic

Ricki (guitar) and Daniel F. Vomit (drums) are the two foundation members of ODIUSEMBOWEL, and they are the ones most responsible for their unique extreme metal prowess. Ricki delivers dark and twisting progressions of riffs that keep you guessing at first, and admiring later. Dan’s drumming winds up from a kind of foreboding jazz into furious machine-gun blast beats and double-kicks (I know that’s a cliché but it is rather apt in this instance), and together they build songs from groove through to crushing delivery. They example a style of playing and level of ability that many extreme metal bands aspire to reach.

Odiusembowel supporting Pig Destroyer, Auckland, 2008 – PassengerOfShit on vocals.

Interestingly Mephitic Sermon has the same difference as all previous releases – a different vocalist. Their 3rd if you go by previous releases, 4th if you happen to have a very rare early recording, or at least their 7th by my count… I met ODIUSEMBOWEL on their first excursion to the North Island in 2005, and they had a chap called Nick Burke on vocals at the time. Since then they’ve cycled through half a dozen more for recordings & various live commitments. ‘M.C. Bushpig’ a.k.a. ‘PassengerOfShit’ and Ben Hickling (ex RELENTLESS ATTRITION, CARNAL) both featured on previous releases. Tours of the U.S.A. have seen stand-in efforts from locals ‘Crow’ and Michael Pinkard. More recently ‘Vag Violator’ from CARNAL has stepped up for a few Australian shows. Most impressive though is their latest vocalist as of 2016 who features on this release; Jeremiah ‘Blue’ Jensen (USA).

Odiusembowel with Blue Jensen – Las Vegas Death Fest 2016

Renowned by many for his bowel-dredging vocals in GUTTURAL SECRETE (USA) Blue Jensen is unarguably one of the sickest Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore vocalists to date.

Blue’s vocals on this release seem to have more range than his work in GUTTURAL SECRETE, and seem to fit with ODIUSEMBOWEL’s music as if he was there since their beginning 15 years ago. He is creative, guttural and powerful as always, and long-time fans will be impressed.

In my mind Mephitic Sermon is one of the greatest ‘NZ’ death metal releases of all time, and they undoubtedly deserve your attention. I can’t stress enough that you should add Mephitic Sermon to your metal collection as soon as possible.

MP3s available from odiusembowelgrind.bandcamp.com for $6.66 AUD.

CDs (second pressing) are expected February 2017, and you can grab yourself a copy by contacting the band directly via Facebook.

– Words by A.

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