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FORSAKEN AGE – Vengeance of the Slain

After much turmoil and tribulation FORSAKEN AGE presents their long awaited 2nd release Vengeance of the Slain.

Released November 3, 2016, on Metal Hell Records (USA).

“Heavy Metal is currently lost in a wilderness of trends, fashion and Pop Idols. We battle for the FORSAKEN AGE of Heavy Metal. Uniting the denim vest, leather clad metal warriors who believe Heavy Metal is a way of life and not for sale.

FORSAKEN AGE‘s debut album, Back from Extinction was released in 2012, and was the first step towards reclaiming the Metal heritage fought for by our illustrious predecessors. This is followed with the Ep “Vengeance of the Slain” released in 2016 via Metal Hell Records.

FORSAKEN AGE makes the call for all heavy metal warriors to stand together, make their mark and battle to keep true metal alive.”

“Not my blood, Not my life, No more of my kin, This is my crest and this is my land, Not for your church, not for your crown and not for your God! Vengeance! Vengeance!”

“They marched in all their glory, to a distant land, destroy all in their path, to make their final stand. Join us in the fight for Glory, Blood and Vengeance!”

Follow: facebook.com/ForsakenAge
Buy NZ: forsakenage.bandcamp.com/album/vengeance-of-the-slain-ep
Buy USA: metalhellrecords.bandcamp.com/album/vengeance-of-the-slain

Chrissy Scarfe – Vocals
Lee Scarfe – Bass
Aidan MacNaughton – Guitar
Warren Davies – Guitar
Tam Cramer – Drums

All songs written and recorded by FORSAKEN AGE
Produced by FORSAKEN AGE and Warren Davies
Executive Producer – Kelvin McVinnie
Cover art by Aidan MacNaughton and Lee Scarfe

Special thanks to Tam Cramer

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