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MALIGNANCY - Lost - 2017
On March 5th, 2017, a two-piece Black Metal band by the name of MALIGNANCY debuted with a dark, powerful set comprising of 4 songs at Valhalla in Wellington. 

Two days earlier their debut E.P. Lost was published on Bandcamp. MALIGNANCY list their musical influences as “Wolves In The Throne Room, Krallice, Cobalt, Darkthrone, Burzum, and the general decay of the human condition.” It contains 6 original songs, plus a bonus alternate version of ‘Anti Matter Eater’.

Grimlock and Cancerblack have previously flown under the radar up to this point with the exception of

MALIGNANCY – Lost – 2017

Grimloch’s inclusion (albeit under a different name) in Wellington ‘Swamp Funk’ band Sink the Bizmarck. Never the less it’s apparent the members of MALIGNANCY are both experienced muscians, and have wasted no time in finding a dark creative force with which to draw from and execute some memorable and unique Black Metal.

The download includes the full 7-track E.P. , album art “Lost Probe” (1975) by David James Thompson, and a MIDI intro to ‘Winds of Change’.

Grimlock – Guitars, Bass, Drums, Synth, Mixing
Cancerblack – Vocals, Aesthetic

A limited run of CD, tapes, vinyl, posters and shirts are said to be on the way…



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