SILENT TORTURE – Torn to Pieces

SILENT TORTURE released Torn to Pieces on January 28th, 2017.

Their second EP in as many years showcases exactly what a great death metal band SILENT TORTURE have evolved into already.

“The relentless thrash hits you hard right out the gate. A truly scarring experience that sparks intrigue – especially when witnessed live. Exposing us to a particular sound that is unique to this band. It’s easy to see why they named the EP after this killer track. Smashing right on through to the next song with a barrage of blasting drums and rampaging riffs, our skin is already hanging from the bone. Bodies in the Sewers is a brutal example of the death metal roots buried deep within this talented five-piece.”

“Adding even more speed to the equation Trail of Corpses grinds us down to a pulp. The epic display of vocals is an onslaught that leaves us melted in our seats. The immense layering of brutal gutturals and painful screams – unlike anything we have previously heard from vocalist Liam Hand – push the boundaries for this band. A murderous thrust into the final song, apply named Torture we are thrown back and forth between demonic power chords and skin ripping blast sections. Laced with slow burning bass and stomach gurgling vocals, further punishing the listener while providing a sinister dynamic of darkness to the whole EP.”

“Well placed and tight with great space between all of the instruments, the producer has done an excellent job honing in on the potential sound from the previous EP whilst keeping the energy of the live performance intact. As one of the first releases we’ve seen this year from the NZ metal scene, this one sets a very high standard and is sure to be a success to the band’s already growing legacy.”

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