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CARNAL – Habitual Multilations Promo

CARNAL are unarguably one of New Zealand’s finest Death Metal bands.

They sit comfortably in the upper echelon of home-grown Death Metal alongside acts like ULCERATE and ODIUSEMBOWEL.

Really the only difference between them is that CARNAL is yet to release an album and push their product globally, but in 2017 that’s all changing. This year has seen CARNAL announce their signing to New Standard Elite Records (USA). NSE are the most prolific Brutal Death Metal label in the World. As they did this NSE simultaneously announced CARNAL’s impending debut full-length for later in the year.

CARNAL has spent a over a decade developing their line-up, direction and performance. You see they may have been around since 2007, but even before then they were CARNAL DOMINION and prior to that 4 of the original members were in RELENTLESS ATTRITION. Over the years the band has evolved in many ways but the current incarnation has stuck the longest. They now present a truly unyielding powerhouse.

The only previous release from CARNAL is a 2011 5-track EP entitled Morbid Desires…

At the time vocalist Ben Hickling was still around, but he has long since headed to Melbourne and joined ODIUSEMBOWEL as their staunch, uncompromising frontman. His presence on Morbid Desires offers up perhaps the most guttural vocal recording to come from a New Zealand band to date. Behind him the freakishly talented Jesse Critchley, Daniel Fyfe and Leon Milnes provide song after song of crushing Death Metal. As such Morbid Desires has become a compulsory study for any fledgling NZ Death Metal fan and CARNAL collector alike.

CARNAL’s debut album promises to deliver many things; soul-crushing string abuse from Jesse and Fyfe, thunderous blasts and kicks from Leon, and both guttural lows and shrieking highs from Dan Birrell who has been their frontman for the last 6 years. Birrell’s previous exploits involve fronting a number of popular NZ grindcore bands including OFFAL STENCH, VIXEN EXECUTION and LOADMASTER. He is known for executing a wide variety of styles throughout his vocal duties.

It hasn’t been announced exactly when the album will drop, but if this 2-track promo is anything to go by it will be well worth the wait.


Facebook: facebook.com/carnalnz

Youtube: youtube.com/channel/UCj4Z3-AcH5VwoV0HM8usT5Q

Label: facebook.com/NewStandardElite


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