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SCAPHIST – Sunset Acquisition EP

Scaphist dropped their first EP in six years in the form of the relentless Sunset Acquisition.

The latest offering from the Ancient Persian-themed Auckland group is seven tracks of blasting blackened death, occasionally interspersed with Eastern sounding instrumentation.

Sunset Acquisition was recorded by bassist and vocalist Harry Benson-Rea under his own Sassanid Productions. On SCAPHIST’s renowned 2011 release Majestic Seal of Antiquity Adam Bloomfield performed vocals and drums, while Harry Benson-Rea performed lead guitar and backup vocals. For Sunset Acquisition Harry is on bass guitar and vocals, guitar duties are covered by the very capable duo of Rodrigo Hidalgo and Wynand Brand, while drummer Adam Bloomfield concentrates on delivering an utterly bestial barrage on the skins.

“The band gives a relentless but sophisticated treatment of ancient Persian concepts of death and dying, where often battered and broken bodies return to nature through horrific rites and traditions. The name ‘Scaphist’ itself derived from an Eastern method of execution where the victim is primed to be consumed by insects while still fully conscious. The victim feels the horror of thousands of exoskeleton feet crawling over exposed flesh; with innumerable mandibles piercing and penetrating every blood-stained pore for hours on end until merciful darkness finally ends the ordeal.”

“The band attempts to recreate this torturous experience in aural form, releasing an unceasing battery of drums and deafening cacophony of guitars upon those yet to be inducted into the ritual, with experienced acolytes eager to partake of the visceral screams. Scaphist seeks to push the extremes of their themes as well as the genre itself. With each additional venue desecrated and audio heresy released, Scaphist continues to solidify itself as a formidable element of the metal landscape.”


Facebook: facebook.com/scaphist

Bandcamp: scaphist-official.bandcamp.com/album/sunset-acquisition


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