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NZMetal.com – www.facebook.com/groups/NewZealandMetal/

The NZMetal.com group is the biggest, most active hub for Metal fans from New Zealand. In under 5 years 2.6k people have joined our group, and active discussion now takes place on a daily basis. Stats from early 2011 – early 2016 were as follows:

Interaction – 4,369 posts, 522 authors, 1,122 commenters, 2,281 likers
Post Types – 1.4k links, 1.2k videos, 890 statuses, 484 events, 421 photos
Reaction – 26k likes, 16k Comments, 2.3k shares


Auckland – www.facebook.com/groups/verybigboys/
Hamilton – www.facebook.com/groups/Hamilton.metal/
Taranaki – www.facebook.com/groups/TaranakiMetal/
Wellington – www.facebook.com/groups/WellingtonMetal/
Christchurch – www.facebook.com/groups/CHCHmetal/
Dunedin/Invercargill – www.facebook.com/groups/447386492053998/


Stoner Doom NZ – www.facebook.com/groups/35864718281/
NZ Brutal/Death/Grind/Extreme/Black – www.facebook.com/groups/nz.metallers.division/
Australia & New Zealand Black Metal – www.facebook.com/groups/AUNZBM/
Extreme Metal Legion – www.facebook.com/groups/250972265036759/
NZ Metal Army – www.facebook.com/NZMetalArmy
NZ Heavy Metal Network – www.facebook.com/groups/110815671771/
NZ Metal/Punk – www.facebook.com/groups/359330814168034/
Metal Forum. – www.facebook.com/groups/metalforum/
NZ Metal To The World – www.facebook.com/groups/nzmetal/
NZ Metal Community – www.facebook.com/NZMetalCommunity
The Assosiation of Metal & Mayhem Inc. NZ – www.facebook.com/groups/157279241006749/
\m/ NZ Bogans \m/ – www.facebook.com/groups/135340519819570/

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Valhalla Touring – website | facebook
Chaos Promotions – website | facebook

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Anger Management – station | facebook
Cacophony – station | websitefacebook


The Axe Attack – iheart | facebook
Bloodfarm – mixcloud | facebook


Metal Archives (NZ band list) – www.metal-archives.com/lists/NZ

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