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Please ask bands, promoters, venues, etc. for permission before using any of the content from this website. To submit an event, suggest a feature, enquire about advertising, or notify of an error please email [email protected]

Established 2003 by Cruci aka Kent H. Redeveloped 2016 by A. Dedicated to Cruci, Blaps Warmonger, and the many others (RIP).

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Where do the events come from?

Every event on this website has been pulled from it’s respective public listing on Facebook. nzmetal.com uses this information to help promote the event on behalf of the venue and/or promoter. To an extent this falls under ‘fair use’ in regards to copyright law, and we have never had a complaint, or asked to take a listing down.

How do we pull the event details over?

We use WordPress for this website, and software called The Events Calendar to display them with all the functionality of other popular event websites. In the ‘dashboard’ of this website we enter Facebook pagenames of venues, promoters, bands. The Events Calendar crawls those Facebook pages for event listings, and displays them to us in a massive list. From there we select metal events, and import them accordingly. Following this for each event we check that the time/date/venue has imported correctly, select the region of the country, tag all band names, select whether it features visiting internationals, paste in the facebook event and any ticketing URLs, and occasionally upload a better poster image. Then it is published, and becomes ‘live’ on the website.

Can an event be taken down?

Because the content of this website is used without express permission being given for each event we accept that from time to time an event may be cancelled, widely considered bad taste, morally objectionable, or otherwise offensive, or for any reason not necessarily detailed here. We will take down any event listing if we are asked to by the venue or organiser. If you wish to have a listing removed email [email protected]

Can we use the content elsewhere?

We don’t own any content displayed on this website, nor can we make a call on whether or not you can use it. Please contact venues and bands if you also wish to promote their events. You’re welcome to link to this website and any of it’s pages or events though.

A bit of history:

Nzmetal.com was originally built by Wellington metal guitarist Kent (Cruci), and consisted of a public forum, and a news/event blog. It went live in 2003, and became very popular garnering hundreds of members in it’s first year. The website changed hands a bit (shout outs to altar_of_death, subcide, black_mortum) until it was handed to infamous long-time forum member (LordBastard666) who is referred to around this website as simply ‘A.’ As social media had become prolific the forum side of the website became redundant, and A. took down then rebuilt nzmetal.com into a regional events calendar giving particular focus to visiting internationals, recent releases, and mobile-friendly website design. It was relaunched in 2016 proudly displaying it’s dedication; to popular Wellington metal community members Matt (Blaps Warmonger of Backyard Burial), and the original founder of this website Kent (Cruci of Denial and Falciform). Both of whom tragically passed away in 2011 and 2012 respectively. Since relaunching nzmetal.com receieves hundreds or thousands of unique visitors per month, and exists to support and build the New Zealand Metal community.

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